Our Coaches

Try Fitness Coaches are some of the best coaches you’ll ever meet.

Head Coach and CEO KC Carlberg leads our coaches in training programs specifically tailored to your goals.  All coaches are current or former athletes, and all bring limitless amounts of experience, honestly and humor to their work and all of them love working with women. Joining one of our programs will expose you to decades of training expertise & knowledge, while giving you the support & encouragement you need along the way.

Kristin “KC” Carlberg, MPH

KC Carlberg, MPH, founded Try Fitness in 1996 in an effort to share her passion for fitness with other women and help them see, feel and understand the importance of a healthy body toward an improved quality of life. She likes to say, “We put the FUN in fitness,” and it shows in all of her programs, races, events and motivational coaching.

A certified USAT Race Director and USAT Triathlon Coach, KC is a lifetime athlete and has been participating in triathlons for 21 years. She brings women together, through a common goal of being the best that they can be. This unique environment allows women to exceed their own expectations, learn healthy ways of living, training and racing and create lifetime bonds of friendship.

Read More about Head Coach and Founder of Try Fitness HERE or continue reading down this page for a list of our coaches.

Our roster of coaches tends to change with each season as different coaches join for different programs. Below is just a sampling of our current team.  

  • Erin Head Hero

    You will fear her workouts, but you will always be thankful you did them in the end!

    Recent Events
    Hapalua Half Marathon 2015; Honolulu Marathon 2014; Val Nolasco Half Marathon 2014; New York City Marathon 2013
    Started with Try Fitness...
    Favorite Sports/Strengths
  • IMG_4769

    My favorite part about being a coach is seeing each participant find the next level of awesome within themselves, especially if they never saw the awesome in the first place.

    Recent Events
    2014 Honu 70.3 2014 Hapalua Half-Marathon 2013 Xterra Half-Marathon Trail Run 2013 North Shore Swim Series
    Started with Try Fitness...
    Started coaching in 2009
    Favorite Sports/Strengths
    My strengths lie mostly in the swim and bike, but I excel at encouraging every participant to find the joy in the process, even when it hurts.
  • IMG_5455

    Will never turn down the invitation to ride to a Mai Tai!

    Recent Events
    2014 & 2015 Ride the Rockies 2015 Estes Park, CO 13.1 2014 Rock n Roll 13.1 2014 Moab Trail 13.1 2013 Ironman Cozumel
    Started with Try Fitness...
    Na Wahine 2010 was my first experience with group exercise! I couldn't even swim! Focused on half Ironman and full Ironman in 2012 and 2013. Started coaching in 2014.
    Favorite Sports/Strengths
    Cycling for endurance. Long rides, multi-day touring, bike camping, and trail running.
  • Dorian HS

    It's a known fact that no one knows just how many bikes Dorian owns.

    Recent Events
    Started with Try Fitness...
    Favorite Sports/Strengths
    Cycling, whole-body strength and balance.
  • Coach Julie keeping the group safe!

    I love watching our athletes gain knowledge about the different sports. More importantly, I love watching them realize how strong they truely are emotionally, physically and mentally.

    Recent Events
    Metric Century Ride 2013 & 2014 Tour de Cure 2014
    Started with Try Fitness...
    I remember, I joined Monday night before Na Wahine training started on Tuesday 2010 with a 35 lbs mountain bike, baggy shorts and a long sleeve paddling shirt. Started coaching in 2011.
    Favorite Sports/Strengths
    Love swimming yet best on my bike!