Coach Julie keeping the group safe!

I love watching our athletes gain knowledge about the different sports. More importantly, I love watching them realize how strong they truely are emotionally, physically and mentally.

Recent Events
Metric Century Ride 2013 & 2014 Tour de Cure 2014
Started with Try Fitness...
I remember, I joined Monday night before Na Wahine training started on Tuesday 2010 with a 35 lbs mountain bike, baggy shorts and a long sleeve paddling shirt. Started coaching in 2011.
Favorite Sports/Strengths
Love swimming yet best on my bike!

Coach Julie keeping the group safe!

Julie Wassel – Best Team Support!

I want everyone who joins Try Fitness or comes in contact with us to feel the same positive vibe I felt from day ONE back in 2010.  I came to Try Fitness at the tail end of my thyroid cancer treatment- in the worse shape of my life and having pretty low self esteem. I didn’t have the best equipment and was out of sorts. All of the coaches took their time with me. KC made me feel a part of the Team and my teammates were very caring and made for a safe environment to feel however I needed to feel for that day of training.
I want to help foster a positive and safe environment for women where they feel safe to come out of their comfort zone. To encourage you to push beyond what you thought possible or just be there for you when you are having a day. Where you can be having a not so awesome day at work or home and by the time you leave practice all of that has been washed away. I want you to KNOW you have it in you to take on any challenge life offers and we are there to support you 150%