My favorite part about being a coach is seeing each participant find the next level of awesome within themselves, especially if they never saw the awesome in the first place.

Recent Events
2014 Honu 70.3 2014 Hapalua Half-Marathon 2013 Xterra Half-Marathon Trail Run 2013 North Shore Swim Series
Started with Try Fitness...
Started coaching in 2009
Favorite Sports/Strengths
My strengths lie mostly in the swim and bike, but I excel at encouraging every participant to find the joy in the process, even when it hurts.

Sonya Weiser Souza riding her bicycleSONYA WEISER SOUZA: Swim & Triathlon

I started coaching for KC during her 2009 Cycling Clinic and I’ve been coaching for Try Fitness ever since!  I absolutely love coaching and being a part of such a special training environment.
I like to think I’m good at reminding our athletes that the “bad days” are where we find the best parts of ourselves, that when we dig deep, and find another reason to keep going those bad days turn into our best training sessions…it just takes a little practice.
I’ve been a triathlete since 2003 but a few of the most recent races I’ve participated in are:
I’ve always been a cheerleader in life.  In elementary school I cheered for my brother’s pop-warner football team. In high-school I was a Varsity cheerleader/songleader, and in college I worked for the UH Swimming & Diving Teams as their massage therapist so while I wasn’t working on their bodies, I was cheering them on poolside.  I’m stoked and excited, it’s just my nature, so love sharing my stoke for life with others.  I like the team environment not just to show people how to train for a sport but to express my genuine excitement and cheer for their achievements throughout our training sessions and their lives.  I also love swimming and cycling, and even running sometimes, and I find great joy in sharing my knowledge with others.  As a permanent “middle of the pack” athlete I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to keep your motivation up and keep your focus on finishing strong and I bring a good dose of “do it because you can!” to the table.  I’m also really good at making sure we stay on a time table and don’t stand around talking or holding a plank forever!…someone’s gotta watch the clock while KC sparkles and shines right?!?  Let’s get that sparkle on the road to Awesometown!! WHOOT!