The Try Fitness Story

Group training has been the cornerstone of Try Fitness and is designed to encourage, support and educate women on exercise, to help them find an activity that they enjoy, a routine that they can stick with and to develop lifestyle changes that they can follow. All training takes place outdoors, where we swim, walk, run, hike, stretch, do strength training, nutrition counseling, meditation and more. We teach proper form and technique, the how-to’s and the why’s of fitness.

A typical training day: On a beautiful Hawaii afternoon, in one of Honolulu’s public parks, you will see KC and her gals gathering for their workout. They greet each other with smiles and genuine enthusiasm, discussing their days and congratulating each other on just showing up. They are all have different reasons for training—to reduce stress, to find a routine, to learn workout basics, to lose weight– and they realize the importance of fitness in their lives. They have made a commitment to themselves and with the help of the group they will create habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Tonight’s workout is hills. Team Try Fitness works on strength and endurance as they make several trips of the park and surrounding streets. Coach KC runs along with each of the women, encouraging, correcting form and inspiring them to do their best. After the last repeat the team meets at the top, each woman waiting, clapping and encouraging her fellow participants. After push-ups and tricep dips (strength training is an important part of any workout), they gather in a circle just in time to watch a spectacular sunset, to stretch, and to discuss personal goals for the week. They all say goodnight and head to their respective lives, feeling stronger, happier and healthier. And so it goes for 12 weeks, three times a week, three times a year.