Day 1 of Training for Ironman Cozumel 2013

KC Carlberg is training for Ironman Cozumel

August 5th, 3:15pm

Day one on my journey to Ironman Cozumel. After 24 years of racing and training for triathlon, 19 years of Coaching triathlon, and 17 years of producing races, I’ve finally decided it was time to participate in my first Ironman distance event. I suppose turning 50 this year also was another reason for the decision. I want to mark my 50 years on this planet with something exceptional. I’ve trained many athletes for Ironman distance races so I am keenly aware of what it takes. My discipline as of late had been awful so this is going to my challenge. Just because I am a personal trainer and Coach, doesn’t mean that discipline comes so easy. I have to work at it just like everyone else. A strong training schedule is going to be key for me.

I’ve put the finishing touches on my 17 week training program and am ready to go. I did have a very deep tissue massage today and was advised to perhaps take the day off training and focusing on hydrating. Awesome. Day 1 is in the bag and I’m feeling good.

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