Day 68 of Training for Ironman Cozumel 2013

October 11, 2013 5:15pm

I’m in Kona for the Ironman World Championships. The energy is crazy
exciting and everyone is walking around in triathlon gear and compression
socks. This is the biggest triathlon event ever. I’m stoked for Lori
McCarney and Craig Jerome, who will be competing.












KC Carlberg rides her bike "Bo Jackson," on the Big Island during Ironman Kona 2013


Meanwhile, I have to train for my OWN Ironman. The heat is awful and I’m feeling a little tired, but onward I must go, deep into the lava fields to ride over 5 hours today on my trusty stead Bo Jackson. Yes, I gave my P2 a name. Bo is one of the greatest athletes in history. I’ve got a great training crew, Barb Craft and fellow Cozumel athlete Allison Jerome will be riding with me and our support crew Jules Wassel who will be schlepping water, ice, Gatorade and snacks while we ride. Here we go!

KC Carlberg, Allison Jerome and Barb Craft riding bikes on the Big Island during Ironman Kona 2013

KC Carlberg, Barb Craft & Allison Jerome riding roadbikes on the black asphalt of the Big Island Hawaii













6-1/2 hours later:  Holy crap monkey, mother of god, what the hell.

Yes, it was a hot one! Ride time 5 hours 10 min, 30 min run, 80 bike miles logged.
Now that was a great training day. Hotter than hell fire though. The Queen K
is an amazing road to train on – nicely paved, no stop lights. I felt strong. Thanks to my friends that helped make it fun.

Rock on. That work out is in the bag.

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