Athelete Spotlight: Stacey Acma: Lanikai Studette

My times were not posted by the time I left but maybe it is better off that I just remember the day rather than the results….

Prep: Although looks don’t count, a big Thank You to Kim who shared her tri gear, all the little things made a difference and had everything I needed and looked like I knew what I was doing. I was fortunate to have #25 so had lots of space and time to setup. Kim and Virginia gave me great instructions on how to layout my stuff and I was so glad I didn’t have one of those metal pans to fuss with.

Swim: I was happy to see all the Try Fitness girls positioned in the best spot. A great way to start – friendly faces and well wishes. Even saw Yvette who was the one who encouraged me to sign up in the first place. The water was calm and actually warm but I wish I would have done some sort of warm up and stretching before the race started. Took a while to get the limbs moving like I wanted and found a rhythm too late and maybe too far outside for such calm water. I didn’t want people crawling over me but without surf or distance it was silly to be out by the lifeguards. About half way to my left inside was a woman in a red cap doing the backstroke, yes backstroke and she was moving. I wasn’t sure if she was horsing around or if it was a new tri technique? – so my goal was to stay even with her and at minimum pass at the last buoy. Linda’s suggestions and reminders to” reach out” carried me through. I would actually meet the lady in red later at the finish when she was introduced to me as an “elite” swimmer so I had to ask about the backstroke. She said she got kicked really hard a couple of times at the start and had a charlie horse she couldn’t shake – so never underestimate the backstroke.

Bike: Transition went great but how do you know what is fast enough? Felt like I came in and out and kept pace with a gal a couple stalls down so I guess okay. Hated that you had to run from transition to the street. Running in bike shoes on the bike path sucked so I jumped on the grass so I wouldn’t slip and crack my head open but not comfortable. Did like the age on the right calf. Got passed by a couple of people on the first corner but saw a 23 and a 55 so figured okay since not in my age group. About 1/2 way down Kalaheo I hear “I got your number – on your left” as Virginia passed with a smile in her aero bars. YET NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THE HILL… Thursday’s workout helped me mentally make it through, I just kept saying “it is not Round Top” over and over in my head. Heard Crazy laughing as she sped by me on the downhill so I knew it would be okay. With time I’ll figure out what gear I should be in but with my history of popping the chain I didn’t want to fight with it.

Run: The strangest thing during the bike and run is that I felt like no one was around me. – In front or back I could see/hear no one? I would get the random pass and they would disappear in the distance but I sure hope I wasn’t last. I did run/walk with a guy who was doing the race for the first time and every time I would catch up he would bolt out ahead. Good rabbit but I need to work on my running. I kept moving but had to walk up the hills since I couldn’t seem to keep a good pace. The run on the sand was great and cheers from the beach was great motivation.

Overall a great morning, after it ended I stopped for a shower and some food and then spent 2 hours at Lanikai Beach for sun and a swim and all done before noon. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far. I started training just to do something new to help me get into working out and as KC says eventually I will have to get off the fence and do it. Thanks for helping me “do it”, mahalo Stacey