Athlete Spotlight – Kelsi Campos

Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the US, with the largest increase in participation coming from women. The USA Triathlon Women’s Commission has seen an explosion in the demand for women’s camps and clinics, which are needed to address differences in the way women approach triathlon training. Women prefer training in a very communal way and desire the companionship and safety that a group environment provides.

kelsi lungeTry Fitness is a training organization whose Triathlon Training programs for women fills this gap. Kelsi Campos has been training with Try Fitness for the past 3 years and is now their sponsored athlete. She has accomplished much in that short time.

  • 2012 Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon, 2nd Place Age Group
  • 2013 Tinman Triathlon, 2nd Place Age Group
  • 2013 Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon, 2nd Place Age Group, 5th Place Overall
  • 2014 70.3 Ironman Hawaii, 6th Place Age Group
  • 2014 Tinman Triathlon, 1st Place Age Group
  • 2014 Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon, Overall Winner

Try Fitness Athlete Profile:

  1. Name –  Kelsi Campos
  1. Age –   28
  1. Occupation – Flight Attendant
  1. Years training (with who and why)? – 3 years with Try Fitness. Try Fitness is full of fun filled coaches and teammates. Everyone is extremely supportive and very encouraging. I’m so honored and humbled to be able to train with such amazing ladies.
  1. How/why did you get started? – I became interested in triathlons when I was younger and my dad finished Tinman. It wasn’t until a few years ago I actually got the bug for triathlons and started training with Try Fitness. My competitive edge is definitely my coaches. Their support and experience help me better myself and allow me to be more competitive. Plus the ladies of Try Fitness made training seem so much fun. Who can pass up fun!
  1. Favorite sport (and why)? – My favorite sport is cycling because you can still work hard and enjoy the sites. It is fun and your bike can take you on some epic adventures.
  1. What inspires you (and why)?–  The one thing that inspires me most is the people in my life. My parents inspire me a lot. They gave up a lot for me growing up so I could participate in different activities. They still sacrifice now so I can do triathlons!
  2.  What are you training for now?  (and why)? – I’m training for Honu 70.3. It’s a fun, challenging and humbling race.
  1. Lessons learned from training and being active? – There are so many things that I’ve learned while training and staying active. Patience is something that I’ve learned. Where you want your fitness to be and where it actually is sometimes does not match up. It takes that new found patience to remind yourself that you will get there and you need to just work at it. The end result is always well worth it. I have also learned FUN is the best way to train. No matter how you did that day as long as you had fun!
  1.  Future goals? My one big goal in the triathlon world is to complete an Ironman whatever it takes. I think the ultimate goal is to be a part of Kona World Championships.

Whether you want to lose weight, run faster or climb Mount Everest, a personalized program is your best bet in achieving those goals. The hard work is always worth the effort in being successful. Let me know how I can help you with your journey and email any questions you may have to “Ask the Trainer” at And remember “PERSISTENT CONSISTENCY” is the key to success.

Until next time, train hard, laugh often, love passionately and have fun.

KC Carlberg, MPH and owner of Try Fitness Hawaii,